The Complex Systems Institute is an interdisciplinary research group for the study of critical events in complex social systems.

New theories of complex systems, a surge in computational capacity and abundant “Big Data” have produced disruptive new insights that reach across traditional disciplinary boundaries. The Complex Systems Institute was set up as a result of this network revolution.

The Complex Systems Institute brings together scholars from various areas with a joint interest in the dynamics of complex social systems and find common concepts, methodology and interests to tackle complicated and usually interdisciplinary challenges together.

The group consists of specialists in the study of dynamic networks and experts in the analysis of very large datasets interested in applying their expertise outside their own field (mainly physicists), scholars in search of new methodology for reconceptualizing their own field and reinterpreting the data to which they have access (e.g. stability of financial systems, systemic risk in interbanking networks, paradigm shifts in collaborative citation networks) and philosophers promoting integration and conceptualization.


2 June 2016: Workshop “Deeleconomie: Uitdagingen en Opportuniteiten in de Netwerkmaatschappij”

7 May 2015: Presentation by Benjamin Vandendriessche “Data integration and biological dynamics in the ICU: a step towards real-time computational support “, room 1.04 (first floor), Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Tweekerkenstraat 2, Gent

Conference announcement: CCS 2015 (Special Sessions for Young Researchers and Grad Student Awards, deadline 7 May 2015)